Purdue R&D

Purdue has a proud history of research and development (R&D), particularly in extended-release drug formulations and prescription opioids for managing pain. In 2014, Purdue reorganized its R&D to transition to a Virtual Discovery business unit that is building a new pipeline of opportunities by partnering with healthcare innovators worldwide.

Today, Purdue is moving away from internal drug discovery and toward a future of acquiring or licensing compounds from biotech startups, pharma companies, and research universities.

Purdue’s Virtual Discovery Team identifies successful innovative companies, institutions, and individual researchers around the world to build research relationships and form partnerships. The team connects high-level scientific analysis with advanced informatics systems to evaluate opportunities ranging from the earliest academic ideas to the latest stages of human clinical trials in several therapeutic areas beyond pain medicine.

The Virtual Discovery Team is separate from, but works closely with, our Licensing & Business Development Team, which mainly focuses on late stage or marketed assets.