Purdue Pharma L.P. Offers $1 Million to Help Fund Florida’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Company also provides $1 million to National Association of Boards of Pharmacy to enable cooperation between State PDMPs

Stamford, CT – March 9, 2011 – Purdue Pharma L. P. today announced that it has offered to provide a $1 million grant to support the operation of a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) in the state of Florida to help combat the illegal diversion and abuse of prescription medications. The Company also announced a $1 million grant to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy to support that organization’s program to help state PDMPs to detect “doctor shopping” across state lines.

The illegal diversion and nonmedical use of medications such as pain relievers, tranquilizers, and stimulants is a serious problem in Florida and nationwide. In addition, patients may be denied medication because prescribers fear abuse and diversion. As more than 30 states have already implemented PDMPs as part of their efforts to reduce pharmaceutical diversion, drug seekers from other states are reportedly traveling to Florida to obtain medication for abuse or illegal sale. In 2009, the Florida legislature passed legislation to establish a PDMP, but the program has not been implemented – in part due to a lack of sustainable funding.

“We understand that the Governor of Florida is facing difficult choices and financial constraints that may prevent the State from implementing its prescription drug monitoring program,” said John H. Stewart, President and CEO of Purdue. “We appreciate the financial position, but at the same time, believe that a prescription drug monitoring program in Florida can help curb prescription drug abuse in that state and in other states as well. It is our hope that this effort can become part of a larger public/private partnership to address the abuse and diversion of prescription medications.”

Purdue will provide $500,000 a year for a period of two years to the non-profit Florida PDMP Foundation, the organization established to raise funds for the operation of the State’s PDMP, provided the program becomes operational under the legislation passed in 2009. Purdue will seek to work with State officials and other parties in Florida and other states to develop a long-term solution to provide dedicated funding for PDMPs.

Supporting Interoperability and Cooperation between State PDMPs

Purdue’s $1 million grant to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) will fund implementation of the PMP Interconnect™ Hub, which is designed to enable healthcare professionals to track prescriptions for monitored drugs in other states and help detect “doctor shopping” across state lines, while also protecting patients’ privacy. Currently, state PDMPs do not have the ability to share data with monitoring programs in other states. Consequently, some drug seekers evade detection by filling prescriptions at pharmacies in several states.

For more than a decade, Purdue has worked with state officials, healthcare professional organizations; law enforcement and other parties to establish state prescription drug monitoring programs that help detect illegal diversion of controlled substances, while ensuring patient privacy and access to appropriate medical care. To date, more than 43 states have enacted legislation to implement a prescription drug monitoring program and additional states are considering such legislation. Currently 34 state PDMPs are operational. Purdue has also supported the enactment of the federal National All Schedules Prescription Electronic Reporting (NASPER) program, and provided grants in 2009 and 2010 to the National Association of State Controlled Substances Authorities to provide funding to states to support the operation, expansion and awareness of prescription drug monitoring programs.

In addition to supporting state PDMPs, the company has developed or supports a number of programs to combat prescription drug abuse. For more information on Purdue’s efforts to combat prescription drug diversion and abuse go to www.RxSafetyMatters.org™.

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