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Purdue balances innovative scientific research with effective and compassionate care to create products of value.

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Non-Prescription Medications and Products

The following list includes Purdue’s non-prescription medications and dietary supplements in the United States. Information listed is for United States residents only. Click on products below for detailed information.

Betadine® (povidone-iodine) Microbicides

Antiseptic protection used in hospitals for over 4 decades

Betasept® Surgical Scrub (chlorhexidine gluconate 4%)

A formulation of chlorhexidine gluconate for rapid antiseptic action

Colace® Oral Stool Softener Products (docusate sodium)

Stimulant-free stool softener

Peri-Colace® Tablets (docusate sodium and standardized senna concentrate)

A stool softener plus a stimulant laxative

Senokot® Tablets (standardized senna concentrate)

Stool softener plus stimulant laxative

Senokot-S® Tablets (standardized senna concentrate and docusate sodium)

Natural vegetable laxative ingredient with stool softener

SenokotXTRA® Tablets (standardized senna concentrate)

Natural vegetable laxative ingredient – Double the strength

Slow-Mag® Tablets (magnesium chloride)

Enteric-coated formulation with magnesium chloride plus calcium

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