Leadership Team

Making decisions that guide long-term strategy and day-to-day operations, the Purdue leadership team brings deep passion and distinguished expertise to the management of our company. We have a team that combines leaders with decades of valuable Purdue experience and newer executives who bring substantial experience from a cross-section of major pharmaceutical companies.

Craig Landau, MD

President & Chief Executive Officer

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Stuart D. Baker

Counsel to the Board of Directors

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David Lundie

Head of Technical Operations (US) and Technical Operations Director (Rest of World)

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J. Alan Butcher

Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Portfolio Management

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Philip C. Strassburger

Senior Vice President, Intellectual Property & Litigation

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Margaret Feltz

Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

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Edward B. Mahony

Head of Due Diligence & Integration Management

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Alan W. Dunton, MD

Head of Research, Development & Regulatory Affairs

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Maria A. Barton

General Counsel

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Alan H. Must

Vice President, Government Affairs

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Josie Martin

Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Affairs & Communications

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Paul Medeiros

Senior Vice President, Corporate & Business Development

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Marv Kelly

Head of Sales & Marketing

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Karen Laurel

Head of Human Resources

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The prescription and illicit opioid abuse crisis is a multifaceted public health challenge, and as a manufacturer of prescription opioids, we have a responsibility to join the fight. At Purdue we are committed to lead our industry in helping address our nation's prescription and illicit opioid abuse crisis.

There is more to come – as we continue to work with partners and experts to deliver solutions. Below you will find additional information about our efforts.

Read our open letter about the opioid crisis.