Jobs at Purdue

Purdue’s visionary culture and nurturing environment inspire employees to make a positive impact on healthcare—and on lives.

Careers at Purdue foster trust, integrity, and accountability. We have a work environment that encourages employees to expand their technical and leadership skills with jobs that make a difference in the development of company projects and objectives.

Who Does Best in Our Environment?

Those who seek

  • to make a direct contribution and impact
  • greater visibility
  • short- and long-term rewards

Those who possess

  • a commitment to learning and development
  • confidence through prior experience
  • ability to think independently and perform within a team
  • a balanced and mature business approach
  • the highest degree of ethics and integrity

We believe that each employee can make a difference, and we are confident that the rich diversity of perspectives and experiences represented by our employees will help us rapidly find and develop innovative medicines.

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We’re setting a new standard at Purdue Pharma, by learning from the past while focusing on the future. Watch here to learn more.

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