Grants & Giving

At Purdue Pharma, we strive to support activities, programs, and initiatives that serve the community at large as well as healthcare professionals.

Community Grants (non-healthcare)

Purdue provides grants to community groups in support of a wide variety of educational, cultural, and civic initiatives. While we place particular emphasis on contributions to organizations in the communities in which our colleagues live and work, we also support local and national initiatives to help communities across the country encourage the healthy development of youth by reducing high-risk behaviors, such as substance abuse.

Healthcare Grants

The Purdue Healthcare Grant Review Committee reviews grant applications submitted by healthcare organizations (e.g., societies, institutions, hospitals, etc.) for non-educational matters, such as charity events.

Please note: At this time, Purdue is not accepting applications for healthcare education grants.

If you are interested in a grant to provide a continuing education course that complies with the Extended-Release and Long-Acting (ER/LA) Opioid Analgesics Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS), there is a Request for Applications process from the REMS Program Companies, of which Purdue is a member.


Purdue Patient Assistance Programs

At Purdue, we realize that the cost of prescription medications is one of the most important issues consumers face. We want to help patients obtain appropriate care including the medications prescribed by their healthcare professional.

The Purdue Individual Patient Assistance Program provides certain medications at no cost to qualified low-income patients who do not have prescription drug coverage. Eligibility for this program is based on an individual’s income in relation to the Federal Poverty Level and other criteria. The prescription drug assistance program is administered by Express Scripts Specialty Distribution Services, a subsidiary of Express Scripts. Applications to the program must be requested by a patient’s prescribing physician using the information below.

Contact Information:

Purdue Patient Assistance Program
P.O. Box 66547
St. Louis, MO 63166-6547
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm ET

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The prescription and illicit opioid abuse crisis is a multifaceted public health challenge, and as a manufacturer of prescription opioids, we have a responsibility to join the fight. At Purdue we are committed to lead our industry in helping address our nation's prescription and illicit opioid abuse crisis.

There is more to come – as we continue to work with partners and experts to deliver solutions. Below you will find additional information about our efforts.

Read our open letter about the opioid crisis.