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Purdue Pharma L.P. is a pharmaceutical company committed to improving patients' lives and serving the healthcare community.

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Helping the Community

Improving Medical Care and Promoting Health
Enhancing Education
Community & Econonomic Development
Supporting Culture & the Arts
Protecting the Environment
Disaster Relief
Employee Volunteers in the Community

Improving Medical Care and Promoting Health

Improving Medical Care and Promoting Health

For many years, Purdue has been at the forefront of medical education. The company focuses the majority of its giving on advancing the practice of pain management and related areas.

We provide grants to universities, medical associations, and other healthcare organizations to foster improved patient care through better understanding of scientific, clinical, and policy issues.

We also support local healthcare initiatives in the communities where our colleagues live and work. In Fairfield County, Connecticut, we are sponsoring the Patient Resource Room at the American Cancer Society’s Regional Cancer Center, which is currently under construction. We also provide financial support to AmeriCares’ three free clinics in Connecticut, where a number of Purdue colleagues volunteer their time.

Providing Relief Preventing Abuse

Purdue is also committed to fighting the abuse of prescription medications, a serious public health problem affecting all pharmaceutical companies. We fund educational programs to help medical professionals recognize and reduce medication abuse. We work with law enforcement, government agencies, and national and local anti-drug abuse coalitions to support awareness, education, and prevention in communities across the country. Purdue is working with the Partnership™ at Drugfree.org; to provide education and tools to parents so they can detect when their child is abusing drugs and take action. The company is collaborating with the U.S. Conference of Mayors to launch a RxSafetyMatters.orgcomprehensive campaign in municipalities around the country encouraging the safe storage and disposal of medications in the home. Learn more at www.RxSafetyMatters.org

The company accepts and carefully evaluates applications for grants to support healthcare initiatives, both educational and noneducational.

Enhancing Education

Purdue supports educational institutions and programs in communities where it has operations.

Enhancing Education

A Purdue executive teaches a class in pharmacy to middle school students in the University of Connecticut's "University Pals" program.

Purdue has a strong commitment to the University of Connecticut’s campus in Stamford, home of our headquarters, and is a primary sponsor of its innovative “University Pals” program. This program provides college readiness training for promising middle school students from families not previously exposed to higher education. In addition to providing financial support for the curriculum, we have established a scholarship fund to help graduates afford a college education. Purdue volunteers also teach classes and conduct career workshops for the students during the summer program. The company also has a seat on the Mayor of Stamford’s Commission on Education.

In Wilson, North Carolina, the site of Purdue’s primary manufacturing facility, the company supports a variety of organizations and programs. A grant to East Carolina University, for example, enabled the purchase of new equipment for the university’s chemistry laboratories.

Community & Econonomic Development

In Stamford, Connecticut—Purdue’s headquarters community—and the surrounding areas of Fairfield County, we provide financial support to many of the nonprofit and business organizations that do so much to enhance the area’s economic development.

Community and Econonomic Development

Aspiring entrepreneurs learn business skills in a workshop offered by the Connecticut Women's Business Development Council.

Among these organizations are the Stamford Chamber of Commerce, Business Council of Fairfield County, Stamford Partnership, Stamford Downtown Special Services District, and United Way, to name a few. Purdue colleagues serve on many of these organizations’ Boards and Advisory Committees.

Another example, The Connecticut Women’s Business Development Council (WBDC), helps women achieve economic self-reliance by teaching them how to start and grow their own businesses, creating jobs and community vitality. Purdue partners with the WBDC to provide financial support and a volunteer member for a Board Committee.

In communities outside Stamford in which Purdue has operations—such as Wilson, North Carolina, where our primary U.S. manufacturing facility is located—the company and its employees support the United Way and other local nonprofit organizations.

Supporting Culture & the Arts

Access to cultural and artistic events is important to the vitality of any community.

Supporting Culture and the Arts

The Stamford Center for the Arts' beautifully renovated Palace Theatre is home to a wide variety of theatrical and musical productions each season.

When Connecticut’s Stamford Center for the Arts lost state funding and ran into financial difficulties, Purdue was one of the first organizations in the community to reach out with private funding to help the Center quickly turn things around. The company’s support of the Stamford Symphony and Connecticut Ballet has also been critical in challenging economic times.

Purdue has broadened its reach beyond Fairfield County to support cultural organizations including the Yale Peabody Museum and the Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford, a cultural treasure.

Protecting the Environment

A healthy, clean environment is vital to our existence.

Protecting the Environment

Students learn to appreciate the wonders of Long Island Sound and its inhabitants aboard the SoundWaters schooner.

We are long-standing supporters of SoundWaters, a Stamford, Connecticut-based organization that seeks to preserve and protect Long Island Sound and its surroundings by educating residents about changes they can make in their own lives and communities.

Among our other environmental initiatives, Purdue supports The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, Connecticut. This regional treasure serves communities throughout New York and New England by providing exhibits of marine life and interactive programs on marine science and environmental education. We received the 2010 Red Apple Award from the Maritime Aquarium in recognition of our continuing support.

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Physicians working at Children International's medical clinics in the slums and barrios of Chile and Honduras are using Betadine to treat more than 40,000 children under their care.

Purdue donates medicines and medical supplies to humanitarian organizations that help disaster victims and the poor around the world.

In 2011, we donated a freight container of Betadine® microbicides to Children International. The antiseptic is particularly helpful in developing countries in which good hygienic conditions are difficult to maintain and infections are common. Medical supplies such as these are routinely used in over 80 medical clinics and pharmacies operated by Children International in 11 countries, which provide more than 340,000 poor children with free medical care and medicines.

Disaster Relief

AmeriCares provides international disaster relief and medical assistance whenever and wherever it is needed.

Purdue has also been providing medicines, medical supplies, and financial support to AmeriCares since its founding in 1983. In the past 25 years, we have provided the organization with more than $115 million in cash and medical products. One of the programs we support is AmeriCares’ “emergency pharmacy,” a stock of medical supplies that is ready to ship at a moment’s notice when disaster strikes. In recognition of Purdue’s long-standing support of the organization’s disaster relief and medical assistance programs, AmeriCares awarded Purdue its first annual “Power of Partnership” award in 1985.

Employee Volunteers in the Community

Mirroring the company’s commitment to philanthropy and community service, the people of Purdue are quick to volunteer their own efforts.

Employee Volunteers in the Community

In the summer of 2010, Purdue colleagues helped Habitat for Humanity build its first affordable housing project in Stamford, Connecticut.

Colleagues at all levels of the company take time from their busy schedules to volunteer for a wide variety of nonprofit organizations. In Stamford, Connecticut, our headquarters community, these include the Stamford Partnership, SoundWaters, Stamford Achieves, Stamford Museum and Nature Center, the Downtown Special Services District, and Kayak for a Cause.

In Fairfield County, Connecticut, Purdue has been a flagship sponsor of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer for 10 consecutive years, and a large team of employees turns out each year to take part. Purdue colleagues also participate in building projects for Habitat for Humanity, in the Multiple Sclerosis Society’s annual bike-a-thon, and in Kayak for a Cause, a unique kayak race across Long Island Sound to benefit a variety of charities each year. Employees at our other U.S. sites participate in Making Strides and other volunteer activities as well. And, through the Purdue Volunteer Partnership, a formalized initiative that supports volunteerism and teamwork among members of our sales force, funding is provided for volunteer efforts related to pain management around the country.

Team Purdue

Team Purdue in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 2009

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