Purdue Managed Markets

Purdue works in partnership with payers, particularly in sharing expertise and data. For example, Purdue team members meet with payers to discuss topics such as the costs of chronic pain and market trends for prescription opioids.

In addition, we provide educational programs for managed care and pharmacy, including a clinical resource tool to assist with a process of opioid analgesic utilization review.

Our collaboration with payers helps us all stay current about trends in medicine that impact our respective businesses as we work together to improve patient outcomes and contain healthcare costs.

To request a meeting with a Purdue Medical Science Liaison (MSL), call 888-726-7535, option #1 or email purdueinfo@pharma.com.

For medical information about a Purdue product, go to Purdue Medical.

Purdue Managed Markets Team Covers Managed Care, Pharmacy & Distribution, and More

The Purdue Managed Markets team handles all responsibilities formerly organized in managed care (e.g., market segments in managed care organizations, Medicare, Medicaid, long-term care, and group purchasing organizations) and national accounts (e.g., retail distribution pipelines that include wholesalers, chain drug stores, retail pharmacies, and a network of brokers that represent over-the-counter products in supermarket chains). See Fig. 1 for an overview of our areas of responsibility.

In addition, this team manages the contract administration, and pricing to ensure accessibility of Purdue products to eligible members. We administer the vendor chargeback program and work closely with distributors to provide accurate and timely contract and contract pricing implementation. Our Managed Markets team ensures compliance with government regulations and contract price reporting requirements of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), including the calculation of the non-Federal Average Manufacturer Price (Non‑FAMP) and the federal ceiling price (FCP) calculations for the company’s Federal Supply Schedules.

Purdue Managed Markets

Fig. 1—Purdue Managed Markets Team Covers 6 Areas