Business Unit Overviews

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Business Unit Overviews

Research & Development

As pioneers in the areas of nociceptive and neuropathic pain, we strive to improve the care of patients suffering from pain.

Research & Development at Purdue provides the best of both worlds by combining the flexibility of a biotech operation with the experience and resources of a large pharmaceutical company. Whether discovering the next generation of pain management drugs or enhancing our existing therapies, Purdue scientists interact at all levels of the R&D organization and are engaged with the larger research and development picture as well. Our particular areas of expertise include extended-release drug delivery systems and tamper-resistant technologies.

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Technical Operations

Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Quality – Delivering high-quality products through world-class manufacturing processes

At Purdue, we take great pride in fostering a culture of compliance and continuous improvement throughout our manufacturing and distribution operations. Our goal is to manufacture and distribute products that meet and/or exceed current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) with the highest levels of customer service. Our culture is one that combines teamwork, knowledge, technology, and state-of-the-art facilities to create an effective and efficient supply chain for each of our products. Utilizing a fully integrated supply chain, we build strategic alliances with quality suppliers of raw materials, components, and contract service providers to reliably produce and distribute our products.

Manufacturing capability is provided by our modern solid dose manufacturing facilities in Wilson, NC and Totowa, NJ. Purdue utilizes technology platforms such as SAP, POMS, LIMS, and AIDC to ensure we maintain a robust and secure supply chain for our products. Purdue was one of the first pharmaceutical companies to provide fully integrated anti-counterfeit packaging to enable authentication and traceability of our products throughout the distribution chain. The manufacturing team embraces a philosophy of excellence and continuous improvement in everything we do.

The Purdue Quality organization provides a foundation for compliance throughout the company, setting the standards and policies governing the manufacturing and supply of our products. Quality Assurance and Quality Control colleagues work side by side with Manufacturing to ensure that all medicines are produced to the highest specifications for our customers. From raw material and finished product testing to ongoing stability studies and analysis, our Quality Control Laboratories ensure our products meet quality specifications. Counterparts in Quality Assurance provide guidance on procedures and policies and conduct audits to ensure cGMP and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) are maintained in our facilities and those of our suppliers.

Quality is a competitive advantage for Purdue, enhancing the approvability of new products and ensuring the continued supply of quality products to the market. The reach of the Quality organization extends from discovery to clinical research and continues through commercialization. We demonstrate our commitment to Quality by monitoring and maintaining the effectiveness of our quality systems using business process metrics, and promoting an environment of continuous improvement. Quality is everyone’s responsibility at Purdue.

Rewarding career opportunities in Technical Operations at Purdue are available in the following areas:

Science and Technology: Technical Services Specialists (Technology Transfer, Scale-Up, and Commercialization of new products), Validation Engineers, Pharmaceutics

Quality: Quality Assurance Specialists (Product Release, Manufacturing and Lab Compliance, Quality Standards), Environmental Monitoring, Analytical and Development Chemists

Operations: Industrial Engineers, Facility Engineers, Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing and Packaging Technicians, Facility Maintenance Technicians

Supply Chain: Warehouse Operations, Procurement, Planning and Logistics, Production Control


The primary operational mission of the sales organization is generating the sales that are the lifeblood of the company. Our sales organization is comprised of world-class professionals. Currently, the sales organization is divided into three groups: Sales Force, Managed Care, and National Accounts. Below is a brief description of each group.

Sales Force: The Sales Force consists of more than 600 sales representatives subdivided into 9 regions and 66 districts. The focus of the Sales Force is on office-based and hospital-based physicians across a variety of specialties, including oncology, anesthesiology, neurology, rheumatology, pain medicine, primary care, physical medicine, and surgery. In addition, the Sales Force has responsibility for calling on retail pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, long-term care, hospice accounts, and military institutions.

Purdue sales professionals undergo a rigorous training program designed to provide them with a foundation of product and market knowledge as well as selling skills for appropriate product categories. Purdue representatives are provided access to state-of-the-art databases specific to their own geographic area with which to identify potential prescribers based on criteria established by management. Armed with market research-tested tools and resources, the sales professional focuses on potential clients with a consistent message tailored to the potential prescriber’s specific need.

District and Regional Managers/Directors supervise the sales professionals, providing a range of training – from product knowledge, selling skills, business acumen, and planning and organizational skills, to feedback on observed skills and sales results. District Managers plan and conduct local district meetings to provide team members with ongoing direction while striving to build a cohesive unit. All Purdue sales managers are charged with evaluating the sales performance and job skills of the individuals they supervise. District Managers are also responsible for identifying the best people within the industry and inviting them to join Purdue.

Managed Care: Managed Care is responsible for gaining and maintaining formulary coverage for all Purdue products in various market segments, including Managed Care, Long-Term Care, Medicaid, and Medicare markets. The group must develop strong working relationships with decision makers at managed care organizations, long-term care outlets, and state offices impacting Medicaid as well as state agencies and associations. The group also works with group purchasing organizations to assure that hospitals and alternate care accounts obtain contract pricing and with business managers in closed provider pharmacies to increase business in the long-term care markets.

National Accounts: The National Accounts group is responsible for ensuring an uninterrupted flow of our products in the retail distribution pipeline. They work directly with numerous decision makers and executives at all direct and non-direct customers such as wholesalers and chain drug stores. National Accounts is responsible for distribution of both our Prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) products through wholesalers and retail pharmacies. National Accounts also manages a network of brokers representing Purdue’s OTC products in supermarket chains.

Sales Training: Provides in-depth training to the Purdue sales force from the newly hired up through and including senior sales management. Throughout a sales career at Purdue, individuals can expect to receive structured, highly focused, intensive training.

Purdue focuses on developing talent for the future needs of the organization. Programs to develop a sales representative’s managerial skills present opportunities for individuals to advance in positions in the field or the home office.

Opportunity best describes a sales career with Purdue. This is reflected not only in the Purdue promoted products, but also in Purdue’s promote-from-within philosophy. Purdue employees are encouraged to pursue career development for potential advancement. Sales management positions are staffed based on the job performance and skill-sets demonstrated by eligible candidates.


The Purdue Marketing team develops and defines the objectives, positioning, and promotional strategies for Purdue brands. It ensures that Purdue maintains its leadership position within given therapeutic areas and successfully brings new products to market by collaborating with Licensing & Business Development to explore and evaluate new product possibilities.

In addition to product management for prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) brands, the Purdue Marketing team oversees:

  • Forecasting, Analytics, and Market Research
  • eMarketing
  • Marketing Business Development
  • Marketing Education and Conventions
  • Marketing Services
  • Creative Services

The following additional departments also support the commercial effort at Purdue:

Managed Markets Contracting & Operations (MMCO): Responsible for all contracting activity with managed care organizations, Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), staff model Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) , closed provider pharmacies, hospices, and city, county, state, and federal government markets. The department manages the contract administration, pricing, and membership maintenance of these agreements to ensure accessibility of Purdue products to eligible members. MMCO administers the company’s vendor chargeback program and works closely with its distributors to guarantee accurate and timely contract and contract pricing implementation. MMCO is responsible for compliance with government regulations and contract price reporting requirements with respect to the Department of Veterans Affairs, including the calculation of the non-Federal Average Manufacturer Price (Non-FAMP) and the federal ceiling price (“FCP”) calculations for the company’s Federal Supply Schedules.

The Market Strategies Team: Developed to ensure that Purdue’s products are well positioned among the various reimbursement channels and position Purdue as the undisputed leader among payers in our current and emerging therapeutic categories. Market Strategies has many responsibilities, which include: channel reimbursement strategies for commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, long-term care, hospitals, employers, and the Veterans Administration/Department of Defense. The team is also responsible for market access strategies, value proposition development, contracting strategy, pull-through messaging, account segmentation, payer launch planning, and the creation of tools and resources to help support the Managed Care field team. Market Strategies works in collaboration with brand, contracting, sales, sales training, managed care sales, and the executive leadership team to help Purdue navigate through the complexities of the managed care environment.

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