Reasons to Join Us


Our diverse workforce understands that the products we make and the ethical standards with which we conduct our business have tremendous impact on society. It is this passion and dedication to our mission that allows us to attract and retain the brightest and best talent.

Employees are recruited, hired, assigned, and promoted without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran’s status, or other status protected by law. These principles apply to all aspects and terms and conditions of employment, such as compensation, benefits, transfers, access to training, education, and tuition assistance.

At Purdue we have a culture that truly fosters creative thinking and open communication, encouraging people to reach their full potential. We reward hard work and dedication.

Professional Development

Purdue is committed to a work environment that is conducive to learning, development, innovation, and collaboration. We reward colleagues for outstanding performance through recognition, rewards, and future opportunities.

Effective employee development is a win-win for both Purdue and its colleagues. Development is recognized as a powerful driver of engagement and contributes to the retention of high-performing, talented employees.

Work/Life Balance

Balancing professional careers and personal responsibilities can be challenging. At Purdue, we recognize this and offer a variety of programs and services to help employees gain a better balance between work and home. Such programs include flexible work hours, an Employee Assistance Program, and back-up child care.


We’re setting a new standard at Purdue Pharma, by learning from the past while focusing on the future. Watch here to learn more.

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